Next Level Church is proud to announce its 4th location is launching in Epping, NH on Sunday, March 10th! The church will be meeting every Sunday at the brand new, O’Neil Cinemas at 24 Calef Highway (right at the intersection of Route 101 and Route 125). There will be two identical experiences every Sunday at both 9:15 and 10:30am, featuring live acoustic rock music, relevant and engaging teaching on things that matter to your everyday life, and a full kids environment for children of every age to learn in an exciting way!

Next Level Church started 5 years ago with 12 people and has become known throughout northern New England for providing an unique, relevant, and engaging atmosphere where everyone is welcome and encouraged to “come as you are”. Next Level Church believes that church should be fun, exciting, and most importantly, understandable, so that everyone can relate to it and have God make a difference in their life.

According to Lead Pastor Josh Gagnon, “We started Next Level Church with the belief that people didn’t object to the message of Jesus, but rather to the way they had experienced church in the past as judgmental, boring, or hypocritical. We have found that we were right ­ when church is fun, casual, and shares Jesus in a way people can relate to, people love it!” Next Level Church began just under 5 years ago and now meets in 4 locations: Newington, NH; Portland, ME; North Shore, MA; and Epping, NH. At every location, there is a local pastor, live band, and amazing kids environments, where people can experience the message of the Bible in a casual, inviting atmosphere no matter where they are in life.
Lead Pastor Joshua Gagnon says, “Next Level Church is church you will look forward to attending and will be proud to invite your friends to. Basically, it is the kind of church I wish I had been able to find, but never could, where we talk about things that really mattered in my life in plain, everyday language; and I felt comfortable being myself, both the good and the bad.”

If you would like more information about Next Level Church or to schedule an interview, please contact Daniel King at 603­988­3502 or You can learn a lot more about Next Level Church at

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