Kindergarteners learn the gift of giving

EPPING — Julia Masury, one of the kindergarten teachers at Epping Elementary School, was precise about the exact amount the little ones raised for the Chamber Children’s Fund. By doing extra chores at home, the children raised $110.78, she told a cheering crowd in the EES gym.Epping Elementary celebrated giving and givers this past Friday afternoon. Before the school recessed for the holidays, the entire student body came together in the gym to present a check and a jar of […]

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One thought on “Kindergarteners learn the gift of giving

  1. It is so important to teach these values to our children. This Christmas I was told a story highlighting a family value. Their child was asked to give an anonymous gift and he chose to buy his neighbor slippers. This was because the neighbor was going to his mailbox every day to get his daily paper. As the child aged he continued to buy each year an anonymous gift, which was a pair of sneakers. What a beautiful way to teach our children family values.

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