“Dig Into Reading” began in earnest at the library in Epping with crafts, challenges and experiments on Monday, July 8th and will continue through August 16th. Registration will continue through the end of July, and the SRP Store will be open until August 23rd. For every 30 minutes a child reads (or is read to) s/he earns $1.00 in Diggin’ Dollars. Readers may check in with their reading logs whenever the library is open, but participants are reminded to check the blue calendar to see when groups or special programs will make the children’s room more congested. Middle school volunteers will be on hand from 10 to 4 each weekday to help with the various activities available to Epping’s young readers.
Storyteller Shawn Middleton will come to the library on Thursday, August 1st at 10:30 and fill the children’s room with silly characters and wonderful stories in place of Miss Tracie’s Storyhour. Upcoming events later in the summer will include miniature French & Indian War battle games, a Civil War camp demonstration, and an Ultimate Treasure Hunt. Each Thursday afternoon during the program the library will host a movie for kids at 1:30. Call the children’s room to find out the movie of the week.
Epping’s public library is open Monday – Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday 10 to 2. For more information call 734-4587 to reach the main desk, 679-5944 for the children’s room or visit www.eppinglibrary.com.

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