Drug investigation nets 2 arrests in Epping

EPPING — A lengthy drug task force investigation resulted in the arrests of two people last week.James Castine, 24, and Michelle Fugere, 23, were arrested at their home at 93 Jeness Road on March 9, when the Rockingham County Drug Task Force, Seacoast Emergency Response Team and members of the Epping Police Department carried out arrest and search warrants. Castine was charged with three counts of sale of a controlled drug (heroin) while Fugere was charged with […]

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One thought on “Drug investigation nets 2 arrests in Epping

  1. I’m so flustered with what I learn about herion and the community we raised my daughter in – is this the third generation that has been busted? Come on, where are family values? As I watch my grandbabies age and discover the world around them I lost trust and faith in my neighbors.. Please move on and get the needed help you deserve.

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