We have set up a website looking for all former students that attended what became the E.H.S. Class of ’75 from 1963 – 1975.

Some students were in the class only a year or two, others all 12.

The aim is to locate as many past students as possible for our 50th reunion in 2025.

Please check out eppingclass1975.com and see if you’re there! Even if you weren’t in the class, you may know someone who was and can pass along the information.

There are still a few students in our Class Photos section that need identifying also, maybe you recognize some of them! Any help tracking students down is greatly appreciated! The Contact Us section of the site will reach us.

Enjoy the site!

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  1. hi you posted you were looking for richard collis im sure he comes up on my facebook flying model aeroplanes he was at epping hieghts primary school lives at tuncurry nsw has a farm

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